Using Instagram at Live Events

“If you are not using Instagram yet, it’s something that you should really jump into.”

Instagram, a social media site that allows users to share photos and short videos to their followers, has recently utilized a new feature called Instagram Stories. This feature of Instagram is an innovation of the famous Snapchat Stories.

What Snapchat doesn’t have, however, is the tagging feature. When a user uploads a photo or a video in Instagram Stories, there is an option to tag other users or profiles on the story itself. This can be beneficial for businesses.

Documenting events is not a new practice. However, with the use of Instagram, there is a better marketing strategy at hand. Marketers can now document events and share the photos and videos on Instagram Stories. They can also tag the brands or businesses that are in the photo. This, in turn, can generate audiences and more visibility for those brands.

On this episode, we will discuss the new feature Instagram has to offer and how it helps market businesses at live events. We will also be sharing the benefits of using Instagram Stories.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • The features of Instagram Stories and what they can do
  • How the use of Instagram can market businesses
  • And a lot more…

Check out this episode to learn more about Instagram Stories and how it can be utilized as a marketing platform!

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